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These links more or less represent my field of interest. Some even contain Useful Information™ ;-)

Low-power Linux server with an AMD Geode CPU

How to build a low-power Linux server with an AMD Geode CPU. Still working on the page.

Screaming Eagles in Holland

A photo report of an ongoing game of Screaming Eagles (a wargame). With texts in Dutch.

LPG filling stations throughout Europe

This is a list of free web sites showing the locations of LPG (or GPL, GLP, Autogas, Flüssiggas, Motorgas...) filling stations in various European countries.
Czech Republic
Sweden (PDF map)
United Kingdom

Motorola A780 Linux smartphone

Some links about this matter, I have to create a separate page yet...

Forum about the Motorola phones, with very useful information
HowTo use the Motorola A780 Smartphone on Linux
Thread in German about resetting the CoPilot map
Thread at MotorolaFans.com about resetting the CoPilot software
Dutch forum with information how to import flitspalen (speed cameras) onto the A780
German wiki about the A780
The open-ezx.org project
Collaborative effort to collect information about Motorola's EZX phone platform, such as the A780
Harald Welte's weblog
MIDPSSH, an SSH/Telnet client for J2ME-capable phones such as the A780.

HAL2001 Hackers At Large, 2001

I was at HAL2001, you can see my HAL2001 Photo Gallery.

Some other digital photo sessions (Dutch!)

Een fotoverslag van een uitslaande brand achter mijn flat op 5 mei 2001
Tweede brand in de restanten van de school op 10 juni 2001

Matra Murena 2.2

This is a website I have designed (oh well, I typed in some HTML, I am definitely not a graphics artist!), dedicated to the sports car I own, a Talbot-Matra Murena. A lot of pictures are there, as well as some technical information and useful links. Now with its own server and domain name!


The Gospel of Tux unearthed
Dutch Linux User Group NLLGG

Crimes of Persuasion

Ever got mail from Nigeria, requesting "Urgent Business Proposal" and offering you millions in return for little help from your side? Don't believe them, they are ruthless scam artists! This excellent website called Crimes of Persuasion describes all sorts of scam, many of them are spread through e-mail spamming! Which brings me to the next subject...

Fight spam!

I am an active spam fighter. Every bit of unsolicited e-mail will be parsed through SpamCop and complaints will be sent to the respective ISPs.
I use mainly UNIX/Linux tools to locate the spam's origin, however, if you are not familiar with those, web sites like Sam Spade and Geektools can reveal the secrets behind the spam.

Miscellaneous links

User Friendly, The Daily Static Funny online comic for geeks.
The Official Dilbert Website Some of the Dilbert comics aren't jokes. They are the plain truth...
Monty Python Completely Useless Pages Great Monty Python website!
FOLDOC computing dictionary About every computing term is documented here.
Acronym Finder Find the meaning of an acronym.
ACME License Maker USA license plate generator
The Jargon File
Hacker Employment FAQ (local mirror!)
The Dialectizer including Borkalizer, Um gesh dee, bork bork! Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! ;)
Computer Stupidities. Because some are just too damn stupid to operate a computer!
NOS Teletekst Dutch teletext service online


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